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Q&A With Illustrator Kristina Danklef : Round 2

Part 2: DoLiv enjoyed a recent sit down Q&A session with illustrator Kristina Danklef in light of the upcoming book release of "Wisdom from the Woods, Seasons." Release date is set for August 2, 2014.  We hope to provide some background on how this remarkable story inspired Kristina's illustration for the book.

Enjoy being inside an artist's world… an interview with Kristina Danklef and her work on "Wisdom from the Woods, Seasons."

"Wisdom from the Woods" - Releases August 2nd

"I am no longer a little girl, although I do visit Mr. Oak Tree deep in the woods of the farm as often as possible. I still sit upon the lap of his roots and lean against his strong bark as his branches of lush green form an umbrella of friendship." - Wisdom from the Wood, Seasons, by Sheila Bachmeier

DoLiv Publishing is pleased to announce the release for author Sheila Bachmeier's first book August 2, 2014 - Wisdom from the Woods, Seasons. The excerpt above is a sampling of the beautifully handcrafted words that take the reader on a magical journey through a child's wonderland of gardens and forests. What at first may seem like a simple reminder of all our childhood experiences... soon becomes a deeply enriching experience of learning through Seasons of life.

Friday, July 25th 
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Bring your books "White Fire" by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston, and "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell, bring a friend, and join us for an evening of good conversations and new beginnings. If you have always wanted to start a Book Club or participate in one... now is your chance! 


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- By Sheila Bachmeier Hard to believe.  It's almost here! I have been waiting for what feels like forever, and finally, it's almost here. What is almost here? The book I envisioned about 8... Read More
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